From Afar: Hollywood’s Not that Hollyweird

Tinseltown and Tisbury are more similar than you might think.

During seven plus years in Los Angeles I’ve worked on movie sets, in writers rooms, and at production companies. The jobs are short-lived. At least the weather is warm. But it would be a lot more enjoyable if traffic and parking weren’t so terrible.

Sound familiar?

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What do you do on Martha’s Vineyard in the winter?

The seasons here are like characters in a stereotypical high school television show. Spring is the precocious kid, the early adopter. Summer is the popular kid, the poster child. Fall is the rebellious kid, the one who still hopes to party like it’s July and will skip class to win a daily in the derby. And that’s it. That’s the show.

Oh right, winter.

Winter is the quiet kid, the misunderstood kid. The kid you wish you hadn’t judged right off the bat, because you could have learned something.

We all know quiet doesn’t necessarily mean boring; still…what do people — 30-year-olds, for example — do for fun in the winter?

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