From Afar: How I Got Into Stand Up Comedy, Thanks To My Mom’s Third Marriage

“Charlie, I have something to tell you; I met someone!”

It’s always great news when your mom is happy. It was late spring in Los Angeles and I looked forward to an upcoming trip home in a handful of days, not just because home is the best, but now I would also meet this guy.

I get off the boat. We sit down to lunch on the harbor, and somewhere between ordering sandwiches and learning this guy’s last name, they tell me they’re engaged.

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From Afar: How to be a cooler boyfriend

Buy her roses. Take her somewhere with a white tablecloth. Groupon the ballet. These are all solid boyfriend moves.

But the most effective way I have found to be a significantly better significant other, is simply being from Martha’s Vineyard. Who would have thought that one of the best ways to a woman’s heart is via steamship?

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From Afar: Fighting The Tide

I’m almost never in Oak Bluffs, but I’m always in Oak Bluffs.

I’d like to live on the Island. But I stink at it. Learning a trade would be difficult. I feel no matter how hard I tried to build a stone wall, it would inevitably collapse on me. Going back to school for a profession is also out of the question. I suffer from a pair of chronic conditions: laziness and cheapness.

Like many childhood friends, I went into the family business. It’s the best decision I ever made. Nadlers don’t landscape, run inns, or design roundabouts. We work with ideas and I find myself in Los Angeles, hoping to earn my return, striving not for money but the island time it buys.

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