From Afar: The big leagues

It took me a long time to merge affinity, ability, and ambition. As a kid I had affinity and ambition for basketball, but my abilities were better suited on a chessboard than a playground. My mathematical brain probably helped my jump shot a little bit, but there was no formula to solve my peers’ exponential advancements in height, strength, and speed.

In high school I fostered some affinity for math because it came easily and it felt good to be successful at something. But once Calculus showed up my ambition waned. Calculus is all about finding the area of a curve. Finding little enjoyment in that, I curved away from the calculus area.

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From Afar: New work city

I live for ideas and jokes and yet they still don’t provide a living. I envy people whose day jobs align with their desired career path while I must clock in in the evening, clock out in the morning, and in between figure out how to pay rent.

Molding ideas into screenplays or stand up bits takes a lot of time, so my objective these days is to add as many ticks as possible to the creative clock. Luckily I’d been told New York is perfect for this strategy. I could ditch the 9 to 7 entertainment gigs I became accustomed to in Los Angeles and embrace bountiful 9 to 5 administrative opportunities. Landing one of these would be simple, quick, nothing to blog home about.

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From Afar: Friendships passing in the night

Change is a raw deal. It continually sneaks up on us, yet we never become accustomed to it. As a child I thought geriatric people were ridiculous to complain about inflation, technology, or rap music, but now that I am one third of the way to elderly I completely get it. Human civilization transforms, too rapidly, without ever asking our permission. It’s not cool.

One of the more difficult types of change for me relates to friendship. I consider myself a good friend and there is a lot of empirical evidence to support this. I take an interest in the people I’m close with. I’m happy when they’re happy, anxious when they’re anxious, sad when they’re sad. I am in the top tenth percentile when it comes to remembering birthdays and anniversaries.

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