From Afar: Entertainment After Entertainment

It took almost eight years of administrative jobs in the film and television industry to reach my tipping point of clarity. Low pay on high profile projects. Long hours for people with short fuses. A fly on the wall experience where the wall felt like a giant fly swatter.

I blame the industry more than the individual. The supply and demand of these jobs is horribly stacked against the peons. There are hundreds of people dying to do the job that is currently killing someone else. Once you get a good job the road to success appears convoluted, unique, and often unfair; for every person who “moves up the ladder” in entertainment, there are ten others who never learned how use a ladder or appreciate the person who steadies it from the bottom.

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From Afar: Assembling A Life

My girlfriend and I had braced ourselves for a New York apartment the size of a large refrigerator with enough room to cram in a small refrigerator and bunk bed. But when the real estate gods blessed us with an unexpectedly massive apartment in Astoria, we began to strategize a superlative way to furnish our big new life.

Now just because we had extra square footage did not mean additional bank account space. Filling out this palatial pad would prove challenging. Unless, of course, we considered the Swedish alternative: IKEA.

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