From Afar: Two Day Job

It’s times like these when I miss my old Vineyard summer jobs the most.

The Hollywood Producer interrogating me received 200 resumes and scheduled 25 interviews. I was thrilled to make the final round and dumbstruck when he offered me the job. I didn’t expect this because I’d flubbed an important interview question.

He asked me how I dealt with stress.

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From Afar: How I Got Into Stand Up Comedy, Thanks To My Mom’s Third Marriage

“Charlie, I have something to tell you; I met someone!”

It’s always great news when your mom is happy. It was late spring in Los Angeles and I looked forward to an upcoming trip home in a handful of days, not just because home is the best, but now I would also meet this guy.

I get off the boat. We sit down to lunch on the harbor, and somewhere between ordering sandwiches and learning this guy’s last name, they tell me they’re engaged.

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From Afar: How to be a cooler boyfriend

Buy her roses. Take her somewhere with a white tablecloth. Groupon the ballet. These are all solid boyfriend moves.

But the most effective way I have found to be a significantly better significant other, is simply being from Martha’s Vineyard. Who would have thought that one of the best ways to a woman’s heart is via steamship?

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From Afar: Fighting The Tide

I’m almost never in Oak Bluffs, but I’m always in Oak Bluffs.

I’d like to live on the Island. But I stink at it. Learning a trade would be difficult. I feel no matter how hard I tried to build a stone wall, it would inevitably collapse on me. Going back to school for a profession is also out of the question. I suffer from a pair of chronic conditions: laziness and cheapness.

Like many childhood friends, I went into the family business. It’s the best decision I ever made. Nadlers don’t landscape, run inns, or design roundabouts. We work with ideas and I find myself in Los Angeles, hoping to earn my return, striving not for money but the island time it buys.

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From Afar: Hollywood’s Not that Hollyweird

Tinseltown and Tisbury are more similar than you might think.

During seven plus years in Los Angeles I’ve worked on movie sets, in writers rooms, and at production companies. The jobs are short-lived. At least the weather is warm. But it would be a lot more enjoyable if traffic and parking weren’t so terrible.

Sound familiar?

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What do you do on Martha’s Vineyard in the winter?

The seasons here are like characters in a stereotypical high school television show. Spring is the precocious kid, the early adopter. Summer is the popular kid, the poster child. Fall is the rebellious kid, the one who still hopes to party like it’s July and will skip class to win a daily in the derby. And that’s it. That’s the show.

Oh right, winter.

Winter is the quiet kid, the misunderstood kid. The kid you wish you hadn’t judged right off the bat, because you could have learned something.

We all know quiet doesn’t necessarily mean boring; still…what do people — 30-year-olds, for example — do for fun in the winter?

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